Edwin Marie is a boutique web design company that is both a veteran and female owned business. Our passion is for other small businesses that need help with their online presence to help achieve their maximum potential.

We started Edwin Marie to help other business owners achieve their independence by simplifying the craziness of marketing themselves and their businesses online.

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate with your business and hiring a full-time I.T. pro may not be where your business is at in its development. This is why we provide high-end website design, site build-outs, search engine optimization, and monthly maintenance to our clients. 

Interested in finding out how we can help you? Contact us today and we will get you started on your path to a dominate online presence.


You may have noticed the name of our company is Edwin Marie, but if you’ve spoken to us then you know that we are Derek and Jeannie Entrekin. We took our middle names to demonstrate that we are in this together and it flows better than Derek Jeannie.

Here’s a bit more about each of us…

Derek Edwin
Derek EdwinWeb Design | Sales | Marketing
Derek is a US Army veteran as both an active duty Cavalry Scout and then as a Broadcast Journalist in the reserves. He moved to the Northern Virginia area in 2002 and began showing interest in sales and marketing while working in both large corporations and small businesses.

By focusing in on graphic design, product promotion, relationship based sales, and web development, he accumulated the tools to become a successful entrepreneur.

Jeannie Marie
Jeannie MarieSEO | Content | Customer Service
Jeannie’s passion for her clients led her to focus on the customer service side of Edwin Marie, but she soon realized she had a gift for the technical work involved in website optimization by working with clients on SEO in order to maximize the potential for each website.

More than anything, Jeannie looks to achieve personal satisfaction the same way as many small business entrepreneurs by reaping 100% of the results of her hard work and dedication to her craft.


We believe that focusing on what you are good at is the way to approach business. That’s why we target small to medium size businesses. These are the types of business that we have a passion for and this is who we serve.

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The whole point of this stuff is to help your business grow. We get it.

Customized + measurable goals

We believe that goals create direction for your business. Measuring your progress is as important to us as it is to you.

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We offer an evolving suite of web services to keep your business modern

Taking Care of Business

Design, buildout, maintenance, and more. We will help you run the entirety of your online business presence.

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Because everyone needs a helping hand and edifying love sometimes

We Are Always There For You

We know this technical stuff can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we are there for you every step of the way.

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Your website will be built by us, but you will own it. That’s right. You own everything. So, if you want to edit your site or switch platforms, then you can do that with or without us. If you want a hands-off approach and have us maintain everything, then we can do that, too. We cater our services to your needs. It just makes sense.

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Done Right

Web design is a subset of web development which also encompasses hosting, development, network security, and more. Designing a website is the process of creating site architecture with page layouts based on targeted results (ie. selling products, blogging, etc.), graphic design such as logos and color schemes, written and image content, and the general look of a site plus the coding behind achieving the desired appearance.

Not only does Wix and SquareSpace offer premade design templates, but so does almost every platform out there. Web design has taken a giant leap forward regarding user-friendly interaction over the past few years to where almost zero coding is needed to create a good looking website. In fact, we encourage our clients to find the platform that best fits their skill set which we can help you determine if you are unsure where to start.

Once we help our clients choose the platform, we then customize the templates to fit each client’s needs. This typically means adding multiple pages, higher level code injections, detailed online stores, and more.

A website can act as a brochure for your business or it can sell for you, schedule appointments, sign up members, and so much more. This is typically where we find our clients are looking to save time and energy.

We strongly encourage small business owners to try building their website out on their own before coming to us. If you are long on time and short on money, then this is the most prudent way to go. Many find that they do not need our assistance and that is the whole point of going it alone to start. Besides saving you money in the early stages of your business’ life, you will also force yourself how to become independent when updating your content.

Our clients tend to be those that have stepped beyond this first phase of website design and are busy enough to no longer have the time to spend on a new, updated, expanded, and enhanced website. These clients also value our brevity and polish when it comes to delivering a high-quality product.

I built a birdhouse for my home. It was a small project that I put probably too much attention into, but I was generally happy with the results. It cost me a few hours of my life doing research on designs, getting the materials, assembling the house, and finishing the product with paint.

Shortly thereafter, I was walking through a box store where I found a birdhouse that was much prettier than mine, cost a little bit more than my supplies and took 10 seconds to throw in my cart.

The birdhouse I made, while I love it, is not the one you see when you visit my house anymore. I just found a better overall product that looked better and was cheaper in the long run. That’s what we do for our clients.

Absolutely. Our portfolio is constantly taking on new chapters, so be sure to come back and check them out. For now, though, you can view our work on our portfolio page.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Before we get too deep into whether you should focus on using our SEO services or just going through a training on SEO best practices, we encourage you to consider a quick discovery session with us to see what fits your business model.

Most of our clients have existing sites and we can work with you to determine if you just need an update, a whole new site, move to a different platform, and so much more. We have quite a few clients that end up staying with their original site and just update some minor things or are just needing some quick training. Either way, each client is different and we won’t steer you the wrong way.

Our approach to our clients is very hands on and far more personal than you might experience anywhere else. We will meet with you multiple times, take your personal wants into consideration, and develop a custom plan for improving your web presence.

You may also end up knowing us a bit better just as we learn more about you. It’s this community-based approach that we believe separates our view of our clients from just another number to a person or company that we love and want to do business with in the future.

It’s a bit old-school to be so invested in our clients, but we think that is what’s missing in this evermore impersonal world.

Edwin Marie is a new kid on the block so to speak. We began this company on January 1st, 2018, however, Derek has been working with small business web design since 2012. His experience coupled with Jeannie’s customer service and social media knowledge has allowed for the rapid growth of Edwin Marie clientele including many success stories.

Since we are on the newer side, we have priced ourselves aggressively in the local market. We believe that what you spend on our services will bring your business great value over the time we work together. You should realize even greater value over time.

Our prices are constantly in flux depending on how busy we are at the time. Since the company is small, we select our clients carefully based on our ability to help them achieve their goals as well as our current workload. We do offer discounts for those that plan ahead to arrange delayed start dates. Additionally, we offer payment plans so everyone can get the site they dream of having for their business and clients.