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Antonia, or Tonia as she prefers to be called, had a history of working with multiple event planners and she decided to go out on her own. Her primary concern focused on generating revenue, exposure, and building a website representative of an experienced high-end planner. This was the starting point.

Tonia was looking to develop an SEO plan that gave her site the potential to rank in multiple locations including larger cities such as Richmond and Washington, DC. This required some research into her target clients, her direct competition, and understanding her budget flexibility as SEO is typically a monthly expense.

Tonia’s website requirements were:

  • Website Architecture Framework

  • Website Design (Collaborative)

  • Written Content Creation

  • Search Engine Optimization


This project started with a simple goal… build a great looking website and get it ranked in search engines. After evaluating the budget, we started local to Tonia’s office regarding the SEO and then moved to surrounding regions. Within only a few weeks, Tonia’s site was getting noticed on Google and then it started beating out her competition shortly thereafter.

The website was built on ShowIt which allowed for a responsive website that was easy to update, looked modern, and thoroughly impressed her clients.

Web Design
Content Writing
Search Engine Optimization


Coupled with her social media and general marketing efforts, Tonia attributes the website to helping her impress her clients and charging more for her services. By working with Tonia over the following 12 months on getting her site ranked, Tonia’s online exposure dramatically outpaced her competition and allowed her to successfully move into tougher markets such as DC and Richmond just as she originally hoped to do.

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Picture of Tonia Baker of The Antonia Baker Experience

Derek is outstanding!! He has blown me away with his creativity and professionalism, I will recommend him to every business owner I know!!

Tonia Baker, The Antonia Baker Experience

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