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Tammy was not even looking for web design services when we first met which was by random chance. Well, nothing is as random as we think, so someone was looking out for her.

While speaking with another client during a planning meeting, Tammy called in to her friend (our client) and was put on the speaker. Our client mentioned that Tammy was recently launching her company, Global Production Associates, and built her website on WordPress.

After speaking with Tammy for a few minutes, it was easy to see that she was not in love with her site, but it was made more out of necessity. You see, Tammy hustles and just knew she needed a presence online to be taken seriously. I explained that Edwin Marie could easily update her site by using her existing content and create something streamlined, polished, and professional.

During a second meeting, where we discussed needs and wants, we laid out a build timeframe for GPA’s new site design and a tentative launch date. Here’s what we came up with…

Tammy’s initial requirements:

  • One-Page Web Design

  • Modern Interactions

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Connect to Appointment Scheduling Tool

  • Allow for Growth of Corporate Blog


The design of Tammy’s site used some basic template components that allowed for visual appeal while informing the site visitors of key points that GPA wants all its clients to understand prior to working with them. The template approach allowed for a lower cost alternative to a more unique design while allowing for faster delivery.

The content that was on their existing site was polished up and expanded upon to allow for a more complete site message thread from the top to the bottom of the one-page website.

The color scheme was not pulled from the GPA logo, but rather a discovery session where we knew that GPA’s branding colors should represent a clean and bright business that was professional at its core. Tammy settled on the navy blue as the primary color due to the way it conveys importance, confidence, power, and authority, as well as intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. The bright yellow was the accent color and means happiness and optimism; it is the color of sun shining, or bright light and creativity. It is the color of high energy, enthusiasm, hope, fun, and cheerfulness.

Web Design
Branding Integration
Monthly Maintenance


The result of the GPA website is one of simplicity and professionalism. The experienced photographer they got to take business headshots allowed for a perfect compliment to the brightness they desired for the website’s overall feel. Where original photos could not be used, a researched and targeted use of stock photography helped round out the look and feel of the website.

Overall, Tammy loved her website and was no longer afraid to have people research her business. It has been used daily to help potential clients schedule coverage presentations as well as a introductory pit stop for individuals and businesses seeking GPA’s type of services. In the future, the GPA blog will be an invaluable resource for their clients to research specific products and get updates on policy changes further showcasing Tammy’s team as industry leaders.

Visit the Website

Edwin Marie was highly recommended to us from another local business owner and we are not disappointed! The changes to our website are stunning and we are looking forward to continue working with Derek and his team.

Tammy Minor, Global Production Associates

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