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Meg was one of our first clients years before we officially started our business. We helped her start her website by directing her to take the plunge on a starter platform like SquareSpace which she was successful in doing. We gave her advice on positioning herself on page 1 of Google which she excelled at doing. She was a great student that succeeded at conquering her website fears and really running with the training we gave her.

A couple of years went by and Meg came back to us to make her site better as it was beginning to feel a bit dated. Also, there was some functionality that she wanted to take advantage of that SquareSpace couldn’t provide. During our discovery meeting, we heard from her that design and SEO were equally important along with the fact that lead generation for new territories was high on her list.

We developed a plan and got to work on Happy to Be Events’ new website.

Meg’s initial requirements:

  • Website Architecture Framework

  • Website Design (Collaborative)

  • Written Content Creation


The platform that Meg came to really want to break into was ShowIt. It had a similar approach to SquareSpace’s drag and drop builder, but it offered a faster load time, easy on-site SEO amendments, and was the premier platform for high-end wedding vendors due to its integration of WordPress blogging.

In order to save some money, she built her site from scratch and then brought us in to polish it up. We then went through the site to add on-site SEO performers and built in her analytics while providing her online tools to track her progress.

Finally, Meg opted to go with our monthly maintenance plan so she could handle the increased lead volume, new employee hires, and balance the learning curve of a new platform.

Web Design
On-site SEO
Monthly Maintenance


ShowIt has become a favorite platform of the wedding vendors we work with due to its building platform and fantastic customer service. Happy to Be was no exception. The result is a website that has a more dramatic design than SquareSpace, more SEO integration, and the ability to grow with her business.

The monthly maintenance plan has ensured Meg that her concerns will be more focused on her revenue generation and marketing instead of her website’s maintenance.

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