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We work with all types of businesses, but we have a lot of connections with photographers and those within the wedding industry. Through some cosmic connection, we found Andrea who is an AMAZING photographer in Michigan. Her work is earthy, uplifting, and saturated with dark colors. We love it.

Also, Andrea is a mother that was looking to break away from her photography starter position in Michigan and begin making more money to help take care of her family while providing freedom to just live life. Yep, we can totally relate.

So, after a couple of conversations, Andrea knew she wanted to work with Edwin Marie, but our service pricing was out of reach. We actually get this a lot, but we do NOT want it to discourage potential clients; especially those that are okay with doing a little bit of work themselves. So, we got her enrolled in our online tools program and she soon found the tools she was always waiting for.

Check out her video for the scoop on how she doubled her income in half the time with some research, some tweaks to her site, and some time to let it marinate.

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Keyword Research

  • Online Tools


Lume Photography did it D-I-Y style. By getting some power packed keyword research from us and combining that with our online tools, Andrea found the secret sauce to help her add a power pack to her business rocketship boosters.

It took some time (doesn’t everything SEO related), but Andrea discovered that there were some low-hanging fruit options out there for her solo business to take advantage of by making some minor tweaks to her site. The numbers speak for themselves.

Traffic Increase
Revenue Increase
Bookings Increase


We love stories like this one for Lume Photography. Not only does Andrea’s path show how a woman in her home in the middle of Michigan can dramatically increase her wealth, but it also shows everyone else that they can do it, too!

We are not kidding! You can do what she did and start making way more money by next year than you are today simply by updating your website. Stick with us, kid. We’ve got the goods and we want you to have them, too. Your move…

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