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Shanelle had started her budding makeup artistry business just a year prior to coming to Edwin Marie for assistance on recreating her website. She had some experience with the site building platform WIX as that is what she used to build her first website. However, she needed something a bit more robust that what she  was currently using.

Shanelle knew that her budget precluded her from using a more expensive and difficult platform such as WordPress, so staying with WIX made sense to all of us. We know some people look down on these “starter” platforms, but we have built very successful sites using WIX. Better we didn’t complicate things thereby keeping the power and control with Shanelle.

Shanelle’s primary concern was that most of her leads came to her through social media, specifically Instagram where she posted new additions her portfolio every couple of days. So, her requirements were:

  • Website Architecture Framework

  • Website Design (Collaborative)

  • Written Content Creation

  • Real-Time Integrated Instagram Feed

  • Ability to Take Appointments Online


This project was simple from the aspect that Shanelle’s need were fairly minimal as the primary method of engagement with her clients was on social media. Her website then took a more complimentary position within her business model as primarily informative. Of course, the minor addition of adding a scheduling component to her site allowed for some great sales potential that did not require Shanelle to dedicate time to unnecessary phone conversations and “salesy” pitches.

We ultimately interviewed Shanelle and from our notes we wrote the written content for Shanelle’s website. This included targeted keyword research plus research on her competition. Without any SEO work, Shanelle’s site rose to page one on Google within six months of launching due to the competition she was up against.

Web Design
Content Writing
Online Scheduling
Social Media Integration


By delivering a website that provided social media integration, a built-in scheduling tool, and informative content designed to draw attention from search engines, Shanelle was truly overjoyed with her new business website.

By understanding our client’s budget and general goals, we believe that we deliver on the promise of beautiful and functional websites that give our clients everything they need and want.

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Picture of Shanelle Squire Makeup Artist

Derek is absolutely wonderful. I LOVE my new website!

I recently hired him to re do my entire website for me. My original one I whipped up myself awhile ago and it was beginning to be feel outdated. Derek and I met via FaceTime multiples times throughout the process. He walked me through every single step making sure I fully understood what he was doing and why. I really felt like I had enrolled in a fun business class. I learned so many tips and tricks I had no idea about before. I’m really picky but he was patient and listened to me and was really able to capture my vision for what I wanted. Now I have a brand new beautiful functioning website and I’m so excited to see my business grow from here!!!

Highly recommend his service, you won’t be disappointed.

Shanelle Squire, Makeup by Shanelle Squire

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