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The Refinery at 120


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This project came through the relationship with Jessica from M. Mitchell Consulting. Jessica was helping The Refinery at 120 develop their brand as the event space was opening in late 2018. There were a few sticking points such as platform choice, the design of the site, and the ability for The Refinery to have complete autonomy of how the site was managed moving forward.

All of this fell in line with Edwin Marie’s mission of empowering our business owners by creating clean, functional sites that are easy to manage upon completion. So, we took on the project which we were able to complete rather quickly due to all of the site branding elements such as imagery, logos, etc. were already complete.

Our primary focus was staying in touch with Jessica, and her initial requirements were:

  • SquareSpace Platform

  • Website Build (Design was on her shoulders)

  • Additional CSS and HTML coding to make the site pop


After comparing the different templates within Squarespace (this is VERY important to do first as not all templates offer the same functionality), Jessica settled on the Hayden. As we moved through the process, additional needs arose for font/color changes, spacing on the template, and functionality of the titles within the headers. These changes were where the CSS/HTML came into play.

Lastly, there was a specific need for single post blog template creation. So, ease of use and repetition was vital. If you did not know this, there isn’t a template for blog posts in Squarespace, but you can duplicate one. So, after starting with a handful of options, Jessica settled on the ideal layout. Again, a bit more coding was involved.

Finally, The Refinery’s email service was MailChimp, so we built in the MailChimp API to allow for top-notch email marketing to her newsletter subscribers.

Web Build
Email Marketing Connection


The result of The Refinery at 120’s website is right in line with the client’s wishes and then some. The branding of the company developed by Jessica is modern, clean, and luxurious and it carries over to the website beautifully by using dark wood tones within the imagery along with the copious amounts of white space built into the site.

Additionally, we built this website with the goal of possessing ease of use and comfort of navigation without all of the text that generally comes with such informationally charged needs. The structure keeps the site functional and simplistic while achieving a sense of polish and upgraded demeanor. We are very impressed with this collaboration project.

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