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 The need for understanding your website’s ins and outs should be of utmost importance to small businesses. This is because a business owner can be relatively extorted by web designers and marketing agencies just because they know which button to click and how to arrange a website’s technical code.

We offer our clients a sense of freedom and independence by training them how to handle minor changes up to advanced techniques including site maintenance and search engine optimization. No matter the size, we offer powerful training sessions that WILL improve your skill set.

Monthly Focus

This month we are looking at one of our favorite topics … doing websites on your own.

Do-It-Yourself. Not Go-It-Alone

We have a soft spot for the DIYers out there. That’s probably because that’s where we started on our first website almost a decade ago. We know the allure of total control and on-demand website editing.

Of course, the DIY model also means that you are starting without the experience of best practices when it comes to building your site or, typically, a strong grasp of web design and architecture. That’s where our DIY Workshops come in.

We offer one-on-one or group training environments custom-tailored to our student’s needs. We will walk you through the process of building your site, creating a design plan that works for your business, and help you build out your website.

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starting at $599.00

At Edwin Marie, we strive to bring web independence to the small business owners with comprehensive training sessions. Our group training sessions are called PLUGINS and they are perfect for DIYers on a budget.

You will begin with the basics of the course’s focus and advanced your skill set with our building tools. Once completed, you will begin to rely less on others and more on yourself.


starting at $799.00

Not into the group atmosphere? Need more attention that a classroom environment? Do you feel nervous or uncomfortable when keeping up with a group’s pace? You may just need some personal attention and we recommend our one-on-one training sessions.

Learn at your pace in the comfort of your office or home. We can schedule meeting in-person or via video conference. Take your training check-ins at your leisure and advance your education based on your timeline. No matter what, though, empower yourself with new skills.


starting at $1,299.00

If you have a team of staff that you are looking to take over the responsibilities of your online presence, then we can help create a customized training program for a small group of members of your staff. Investment into your team will provide long-term financial flexibility and controlled success.

The training varies from basic understanding of your website’s platform, theme, plugins, architecture, and general functionality up to advanced sessions that dive into more granular elements of your website. These sessions include on and off-site SEO, page load speed performance, security management, analytics tracking, targeted content creation, and more.

Our custom training sessions are designed for your business, within your industry, and with your competition in mind.

Your Success is How We Measure Our Success

I am astounded at how much a difference the recommendations for SEO Derek made in terms of increase in sales.

MIKE COLLINS | The Center for Natural Capital

Our inquiries nearly doubled … and he does in office trainings. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Edwin Marie.

KARI HARLETH | Toy Box Studios

Via FaceTime, he would show me the evidence behind the audit, explain terminology, and present fixes + how-to’s.


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