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Welcome to Edwin Marie, web design and SEO company that focuses on working with small businesses. We are glad Michelle recommended you to come here.

We are here to help you achieve your goals whether that be a dream website, ranking on page 1 in Google, or taking control of your search engine optimization. 

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While you don’t need to use our services and we don’t guarantee our results, every client we have helped raves about our work as a fantastic investment that took their business to a whole new level. Michelle said the same thing.

No matter who you are, there is almost assuredly a way we can help you out.

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Picture of Derek Entrekin with a gray and white striped shirt

Derek Entrekin

Owner | Edwin Marie

Derek has been working with website buildouts, SEO, and lead generation since 2012.

Your Point of Contact

Hi, my name is Derek and I specialize in working with Michelle’s students.

I understand the craziness that comes with trying to focus your business’ online web presence. From social media to large scale websites, I have helped many small businesses like yours accomplish what they previously thought was out of reach. This includes brand consistency, lead generation, search engine optimization, and ultimately increased revenue year over year.

We start with a real conversation where we speak face to face over a Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, or similar video conference call. I will walk you through recommendations that make sense for your business both financially and based on where your marketing efforts need to be focused. I always keep your interests at the forefront of our conversation even if I need to recommend some other service and lose out on bringing you on as a client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing depends on the service you are needing, but websites average $2-3,000, SEO is a monthly fee starting at $500, and our online tools are only $50/mo.

Each project varies, but we strive to have all site builds complete within 9 weeks including multiple refreshes.

SEO does take time and that time depends mainly on where your site starts with content and power vs. your competition. Having said that, we see most sites starting to get real results within six months.

The vast majority of our clients utilize the online suite of tools and focus on SEO themselves. We provide some basic training and we encourage all businesses that are long on time and short on money to take this route. However, our work will help you start to see dramatic results much faster on average.

About half of our clients are choosing to update their website by hiring us for the design and buildout. Most, though, are writing their content with our keyword research option which is fantastic for those needing some help with SEO.

While most of our clients pay with a retainer and final payment, we do offer monthly plans for any service that we offer.

We do not want anyone to feel trapped with our services which is why we only offer an annual agreement for our SEO work as it takes that long to see the amazing results we provide our clients.

We have extensive experience with content creation, social media management, monthly maintenance, and sales training.

Picture of Michelle Harris of M Harris Studios

“They are absolutely amazing!!

The work they did on my site has transformed my business.

Recommend them to all!!”

Michelle Harris

M Harris Studios

Picture of Rachel Rice from The One Moment Events

“Derek is the best there is! Not only does he do the website things I don’t understand how to do, he explains them to me when I have questions so I’m not just going on blind faith!”

Rachel Rice

The One Moment Events

Chase rubbing his hair backwards with his right hand

“The website designs are very attractive, modern and ultimately the reason why my customers seek me out over my competitors.”

Chase Capo

Private Event DJ

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If you were recommended to us, then at least give us a call. We know it’s scary, but we are totally upfront with our pricing, our service quality, and we deliver results. Give us a call today!

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